Download A Month by the Lake DVDrip for Free.

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Year: 1995

Runtime: 92 min

Ratings: 6.3

Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Release date: 22 September 1995


Country: UK,USA

Edward Fox—Vanessa Redgrave—Uma Thurman

For 16 years Miss Bentley has been spending April at an elegant hillside villa on Lake Como. This year, 1937, her London society artist father has recently died and the only other English-speaking guests are brash Americans. Then Major Wilshaw arrives. He suggests they meet for cocktails and Miss Bentley stands him up — not even thinking about it — as she helps the new nanny of an Italian family settle in. Miss Beaumont, a tall, young American who has dropped out of finishing school in Switzerland, is bored and finds some amusement in flirting with the major, whose libido is awakened for the first time since before the great war. And Miss Bentley now finds more about the major to admire than his ears.


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3 Responses to “Download A Month by the Lake DVDrip for Free.”

  1. admin says:

    SE Bates has never been a popular author in the cinema, there have been many other adaptations of his work in television, but in 1995 he appeared in both “A Month by the Lake” and “The Feast of July,” the first film based his writing from “Dulcima” and “echo triple” in the seventies. ‘S why these two films were released two at this time there is no doubt temporary revival of interest in his works caused by “The Darling Buds of May”, the television adaptation of the popular Larkin family “& # x22;.
    comic book series “A Month by the Lake”, based on a history of the collection Bates “The Grapes of Paradise”, is set in Italy in 1930, to be precise, from Lake Como in April 1937, the same month that Edward Fox, one of its stars, was born. Unusual in a cinema obsessed with youth, its theme is the growth of love between two middle-aged people, both British guests to a luxury hotel on the lake. Ms. Bentley an old maid who, the first day of his holiday months, meets more Wilshaw, a retired officer of the army.’s not, however, a simple love. The average age of the path of love is not always easy, and complications in the form of two other characters. Ms. Beaumont, an American working nanny for a wealthy Italian family flirts shamelessly with the staff. Vittorio, an Italian young and handsome, also flirts shamelessly with both Miss Bentley and Miss Beaumont. (Vittorio, is also the only main character whose name, it turns out. Others, in accordance with the conventions of the Anglo-Saxon period, facing each other with their titles and names alone. Perhaps the Italians were more relaxed about these issues).
    This film is much better than the film version of “The Feast of July”, which turns a novel in a beautiful room rustic matte shadows and misery, but it has its flaws.’s action tends to drag at times, especially in the first half. The character of the great changes rather abruptly at first seems a rude, arrogant man, especially after Miss Bentley beats tennis, then suddenly turns to his charms. This is something of a convention in plays such as “I Love Trouble” and “You’ve Got Mail”, they all love begins with hate at first sight, but. ” A Month by the Lake “is a drama, a genre that is generally required a greater degree of psychological realism that
    romantic comedy, however, is also a film that has its virtues. You can fall into the” film heritage “category, but despite the beauty of the landscape is not as visually sumptuous as some examples. He not only visually, but emotionally subtle. Such films often requires a very different style of playing technique of contemporary theater for the reason that previous generations In particular, but not only in Britain, often valued emotional control (the “phlegm so-called & # x22 ;) as a virtue, much more than most people would today. To display strong emotions, especially in public, was seen as a sign of weakness.
    game “film heritage” and, therefore, requires the ability to view the emotional states, although subtle nuances of behavior or verbal rather than through histrionics obvious. Uma Thurman as Miss Beaumont, seems comfortable here than he did in his previous work in the historical drama “Dangerous Liaisons.” Roger Ebert noted that his character’s name means “beautiful mountain”, but the difference I do not think Ebert is a reference to Thurman physical height. Bates, after all, died in 1974, without knowing that his story would be filmed or actress was chosen to play the character. I think He chose the name to emphasize that Mademoiselle de Beaumont, in a playful inner surface is cold and icy, and this is something that suggests the Thurman well.
    Miss Bentley and Wilshaw, however, are strong emotions in a reluctance towards the outside. As most English film actors of their generation (they were born a few months later in 1937), Edward Fox and Vanessa Redgrave are two historical drama stars Redgrave for example, has played in “Agatha” and Fox in “The Shooting Party” -. both have the gift of being able to express emotions and subtle humor, and both make full use of the gift here ‘s result is a quiet, decent film, but still a very good quality. 7/10

  2. admin says:

    It seems like a good escape Baby Boomers = package: Redgrave, Fox, Thurman, but take a director who is not suitable for the romantic chemistry meringues without a cast and a script that occurs in less than a month from the lake seems to s’ in a stretch decade, and you’re in trouble. Edward Fox casting seems reasonable that the British more suitable, but it is clumsy, unconvincing, and did play most of the scenes are too big or too small. Ms. Redgrave, although the 1937 is the dress she bought in Hampstead last week, and continues as a schoolgirl excited. Maybe all the fun was contained in the set. It is not convincing, as his relationship with Mr. Fox, which, unfortunately, is the glue of the story. His rival for her affection is Uma Thurman, which is distinguished by giving a false reading of each line must be expressed. She can not even convincing wave goodbye. In every moment she is on screen is terribly wrong. The Director shall adopt a tone cack hand almost every scene, the structure is embarrassing, and also the first two floors of the child are unflattering and embarrassing – particularly those of Mr. Fox. Alida Valli, manages to be proof Irvin, Nicola Piovani offers relaxing music and rose water and Pasqualino De Santis picture is very pretty.

  3. admin says:

    I usually do not comment, but for once I do not agree with someone else. Quite simply, I think this movie was confused and exaggerated acting and a waste of talent. The principle is a mixture of standard conventions, the “white expatriates in a foreign land romantic” “Laughter in the shadow of war,” I do not care bout frame images so if it is: .. Performance strange
    Edward Fox as the main, where it seems to waiver between predator and terrifying smirk
    elegant Vanessa Redgrave in a show where his impulsive crazy contradictions seemingly complex reality only make it look stupid.
    -Uma Thurman, it’s hard to remember because he could not suck as an actress. Rarely have I known what I was trying to convey emotion, but perhaps people might be confused into thinking that was layered and mysterious.
    -Smile Italians in the background may also be Mario and Luigi for any depth of character you get to see. that bob cheerfully greet and to encourage and pratfalls.’elemento central romance between Redgrave and Fox is totally rigid and amazing and made me feel weird just looking at it.
    All in all, I look about 5 videos a week and this is one of the few films I turned it off before it is finished. stay away.