Download Boiler Room DVDrip for Free.

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Year: 2000

Runtime: 120 min

Ratings: 6.9

Genre: Thriller,Drama,Crime

Release date: 18 February 2000

Budget: $8,000,000

Country: USA

Nia Long—Giovanni Ribisi—Vin Diesel

Seth Davis is a college dropout running an illegal casino from his rented apartment. Driven by his domineering fathers disapproval at his illegitimate existence and his desire for serious wealth, Seth suddenly finds himself seduced by the opportunity to interview as a trainee stock broker from recent acquaintance Greg (Nicky Katt). Walking into the offices of JT Marlin, a small time brokerage firm on the outskirts of New York – Seth gets an aggressive cameo performance from Jay (Ben Affleck) that sets the tone for a firm clearly placing money above all else. Seth's fractured relationship with his father and flirtatious glances from love interest Abbie (Nia Long) are enough to keep Seth motivated in his new found career. As he begins to excel and develop a love for the hard sale and high commission, a few chance encounters leads Seth to question the legitimacy of the firms operations – placing him once again at odds with his father and what remains of his morality…

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4 Responses to “Download Boiler Room DVDrip for Free.”

  1. admin says:

    This is one of those movies that actually had the potential to be really great, and if it was not so great was not so bad.
    of the main things that really killed me was that at times, some elements seem to be thrown at you for no reason. a particular item that comes to mind is the scene where Have goes into his apartment and hears, which is a sort of later explained that her grandmother.
    This is why the subplot was Have not improve the story, but it was obviously the randomness of the reasons why this scene was there in the first place.
    Another example of a case that the conversation between Seth and his father in his fathers office. no sense. one hand he knew he was in trouble, but on the other hand, was asked to help their fathers so kind as to keep fighting so he can get out of trouble.
    It almost seemed as if the director has tried to create a character Seth tortured and tragic, but not only missed the boat, but the audience as well.
    style is what makes the film so great. possibility that gave you a sense of back story and explanation vague, but at the same time, be random and scratching your head going “huh?”.
    end that usually, for me, is what determines whether a story is big or not, inspired me. once more that the style is accident left me with an “OK, now that feeling.” all that is exactly what he will do with this document that came down from vin diesel? as it was, there was not much he could have done with him anyway.
    (I know I left it vague, but I will not spoil the end with too many details.) As I have already said, that had the potential to be great, but fell short. I’ll watch it again? probably because it was just enough to make it enjoyable.

    … And as a side note, vin diesel looks absolutely ridiculous smoking a cigarette …

  2. admin says:

    It ‘hard to make a realistic film any topic and a funny piece of credible cinema. Well here is the point that most viewers will not believe the Gauls and the characters gullability. Here’s how it is in the world of finance scam (it’s all a scam, we just need).
    take three points from the film because all the subplots have no meaning and the cinematography is terrible. (Shooting as my eyes hurt!).
    deserves a place on the shelf of every DVD.

  3. admin says:

    Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) operates a small casino, from his apartment, giving all the neighborhood kids a place to have fun, and of course, lose most of their money.
    Seth has a fairly good life and the work I do not mind, but something did. His father (Ron Rifkin) is a judge in New York and, of course, does not agree with his son running a gambling illegal. Now Seth just wants to make his dad happy when an old friend drops by offering the possibility of a respectable rich he can not refuse.
    This is when the film enters the fast-paced plot.
    Jim Young (Ben Affleck) comes into a room full of young money hungry and that it increases their appetite. He filled them with promises of millions of people. Immediate success, all you have to do is to work here. Pass your test and your done.
    Seth wants to know how you can get so much money and begins to discover the corrupt society that connects. Discovers the way in which they make their money, which is located in the game, and the way in which to respond.
    Boiler Room is fast with incredible scenes of a ground screaming crazy young brokers to their sales and get a great “rip” or commission. The first time writer / director Ben Younger obviously gives an homage to other films of this genre, being “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “Wall Street”, but it does so with great taste and style.
    With a first-rate cast and a new style of leadership, “Boiler Room” offers many ways!

  4. admin says:

    This is a great movie with a brilliant cast, in particular by Ribisi. I always knew that guy was a good actor, but his performance really impressed me. I particularly liked the subplot about his relationship with his father who was a very moving experience
    two problems though:. Ben Affleck and Tom Everett Scott looked as if they had just watched “Glengarry Glen Ross” and decided to try to outdo Alec Baldwin from it. Almost every scene feel like they’re just trying too hard. Second, the ending was a bit ‘abrupt and left a little’ hung lines of the plot.
    But all in all, a film that at times is deeply depressing, but the house is blowing a lot of things in life.