Download Macbeth DVDrip for Free.

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Year: 1971

Runtime: 140 min

Ratings: 7.5

Genre: Drama

Release date: 13 October 1971


Country: UK,USA

Francesca Annis—Jon Finch—Martin Shaw

Roman Polanski's version of Shakespeare's tragedy about a Scottish lord who murders the king and ascends the throne. His wife then begins hallucinating as a result of her guilt complex and the dead king's son conspires to attack MacBeth and expose him for the murderer he is.


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4 Responses to “Download Macbeth DVDrip for Free.”

  1. admin says:

    definitely one of the best films of Polanski, Macbeth is a version very violent and bloody history Shakspear’es. The film was shot after the murder of Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski, and can be the cause of the violent theme of the film. Technically, we are able to recognize the Polanskien style, but not before the middle of the film, what I mean is that the camera movements are nothing special Polanski style, but as long as the film progresses, his style is no longer present and recognizable. For example, the best scene, in my opinion, the film is when Macbeth Malcolm halucinating live with a bloody face, plans are made in connection with the fluidity and rhythm in a way that feels like an act of what he sees. Macbeth is a awrfull man in this film, as a viewer, you want to die for the movie! In fact, even if it is a 1971 film, the technique is done to perfection (almost done to perfection) of Polanski and actors, and Lady Macbeth do a fantastic job. This is definitely a movie to watch if you’re a fan of Polanski. NB, this is a story of Shakespeare’s plays in a theater … do not be surprised!

  2. admin says:

    Take a famous play Macbeth by Shakespeare as literature on the big screen can be done in two ways. You can describe exactly how you read or is able to interpret and represent in your own way. Roman Polanski’s version of Macbeth intends to show the point of view of MacBeth. Instead of showing the poor MacBeth was tricked by the witches, Polanski shows him as a strong man who controls his destiny. In the death of Polanski is not a reason to be sad or even pain, it’s just something that happens. This is why it is the same when MacBeth died when his son was killed MacDuff. There are heroic figures in the film and the “heroic” acts by characters become, under the direction of Roman Polanski, the activities of everyday motivated by revenge. These models are cruel and the film is filled with moments of tension and pure hatred. This demonstration of the characters as they are, or at least see how Polanski makes a movie a lot more interesting than the typical film of Shakespeare. While watching the film, it is impossible not to react to certain scenes, probably because of the cruelty and harshness of them. The film’s characters are driven by feelings of heart without hatred, remorse, guilt, lust and violence. Why choose to have Polanski in this way? I have no idea, but the fact remains that wanted it to be full of fury, and this feeling does not mean anything. The characters and their actions become insignificant, mainly because of the terrible feelings in them. E ‘therefore impossible to identify with the characters and the scenes become just a movie.

  3. admin says:

    Of all the works of Shakespeare, Macbeth seems to be the most likely to be little product on stage. Polanski’s brilliant film version takes all the things in the game that make it difficult and turns a little ‘in its favor to provide a dark, compelling rendering of the Scottish game. Which brings us back to a primitive, dirty period of history, which in all its harsh reality. Avoid sugary Shakespeare, the camera allows us to see the clothes dragging in the mud and animals around the vicinity of the castle. The men look as if they cut their hair, cutting with a sword, and the Scottish countryside is referred to as cold and hard that can be when the mist of May is in the twilight. The society of the spectacle is one full of political intrigue, where you fight the war with the first, blunt weapons, which are mainly used to bludgeon opponents to death, and where progress is often at the expense of the lives of others. Polanski takes this parameter and moves his dark vision along, giving us a glimpse into the new room. Jon Finch and Francesca Annis, age expressed in an appropriate manner, are excellent in the lead roles, but Polanski also gives us excellent support cast to frame son injecting character on the list, too often, sans face: Ross watch appropriately spend political alliances probably more often changes his underwear, see what happened to Donalbain whose function disappears from the room at the beginning of the second act, and look at the portraits of the first three witches, who meet all the requirements above script, and go a little ‘(a drink of this seething cauldron!). The transition from Mac and noble Dame moving up, the king and queen, and then through their respective falls credible and comes without seams that are often in productions of the game. Finch & Annis plumb the depths of the psyche of these characters and each offers fascinating interpretation clearly defined roles. Blood is an important image in the game of Polanski bard and ensures that your audience knows. Macbeth is almost literally drenched in blood, and the very existence of this film is in its descent even more credible, if more difficult for many to watch.
    Overall, I think its fascinating production that pulls no punches.

  4. admin says:

    I read several reviews of this film in which the critic did not understand the level of gore. Many may not remember this, but the wife of Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate was – the woman who was murdered by the Manson family. His body was mutilated and she even had her unborn baby, and Polanski removed. This film was the first film Polanski after his death, and I think he was trying to solve some of the problems surrounding his disappearance. Artists always bring their lives into their work, and I think this film is no exception. Without hope of fate, the path of evil deeds, and the terrible and senseless slaughter in the world. The level of gore was important and was one of the bloodiest film of its time … I believe that Polanski wanted to shock the viewer into his world, his past, his memory.