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Year: 2005

Runtime: 108 min

Ratings: 5.1

Genre: Comedy,Drama,Music,Romance

Release date:


Country: USA

Ana Claudia Talancón—Elizabeth Peña—John Leguizamo

A Mexican immigrant new to Los Angeles enters into a love triangle with two very different women.

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4 Responses to “Download Sueño DVDrip for Free.”

  1. admin says:

    The film was very nice, but the script was out of 1930: The boy is from Mexico with music in his soul to do here in the music world – meeting with obstacles – in this way it – the love falls – you get to hear great music in the process – and, uh oh – must choose between his own glory and what really matters: his love for music and paste with its soundtrack. Guess what ‘? He made the right choice .. the group is together .. win a contest .. wins the hand of his beloved … play the guitar in the background / head sings .. and the film ends gently.
    Unfortunately, this happens as we have seen hundreds of times before. So, even if the actors are good (and oh so bad), and the music was great – it was fairly new for an adult audience to stick with. I think that young adults who love it, though – have not seen the plot before the actors and their music would certainly encourage
    John Leguizamo deserves a special mention .. He stole the movie and that was the reason I watched to the end – even though the plot was so trivial.

  2. admin says:

    When the credits of the film is not registered writer / s, the problems can be expected. This little candy coated attempt to explore how the ‘dream’ is a movie clip itself, of course, a project in which the money was spent for the graphics of the titles and the development stage musical numbers, rather than the script. This is not a bad movie is simply banal and predictable lines in the mouths of some very fine actors, who had to be embarrassed to talk
    Antonio (John Leguizamo, with lots of hair and no. Edge comedy expected) is a Mexican immigrant who arrives in Los Angeles with his grandfather’s philosophy to follow this dream (“Sueño”) and believes he will find his great career in music. The reality is executed immediately as it is forced to work in his uncle’s Taco Stand and playing guitar and singing in cabaret taxpayers shady. Meet a (Ana Claudia Talancón) client Nina who dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but is committed to taking care of his ailing father (Winston J. Rocha). Despite attempts to make soft Antonio court, remains adamant that must devote his life to take care of Dad. Besides Anthony apartment is occupied by Mirabella (Elizabeth Peña), a new divorced, middle-aged, plump former singer who does the housework and laundry to raise her children while she dreams of becoming a star singer back to heart of gold makes friends with Antonio, hear the song and insists he has a lot of talent.
    Antonio is encouraged by a good heart, “manager” Rafael (Jsu Garcia) and is coupled with three other musicians to form a band with Mirabella El Gran Colectivo hesitant as a singer. It ‘music competition of the band, if necessary, against all odds the contest group on faith and devotion to each other and the old type of music. Everyone dreams come true is not surprising: the plot is so thin that the audience knows from the beginning how to fix everything “in a country where problems melt like lemon drops …” The idea
    . is soft, the message is cast strong and healthy doing everything possible with a script hinder molasses. But if you do not have an appetite for sweets and can not wait for the occasional surreal dream sequences, the company can only put in sugar overload. Grady Harp

  3. admin says:

    Oh, dear. This film is unintentionally one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. If this was not really himself, I’d put in the territory of Christopher Guest. But unfortunately, the film takes so seriously that he can not see how imperfect it is, in both film and practice.
    scene that had my boyfriend and I rolling on the floor was the repetition of a group of first group of Antonio. One minute you guys are back in their group, “on the way”. Next thing you know, they let the young Antonio come in and take over. In what we assume is their first practice session, soft, Antonio turns into a genuine asshole full grown his guitar again, because he does not like the way the games guys! Egos fly, it is almost punches, but the “Manager” started with a speech Brady Bunch, Antonio and his new guitarist shock and makeup. none of this would never happen in a group. forever. Unless, of course, the group is composed of monkeys heat delayed. Secondly, could occur.
    This is only one of a million cliché simplistic in the film. every scene in this film is a “Ye Olde Shoppe” version of the reality of Mexican culture, young love, fear and uncertainty, the willingness to put something meaningful in the world, and all the other “human condition.” It ‘ truly amazing, and little charm that could have completely destroyed by the script extremely restrictive that tries to tell too many stories without a shred of continuity and relationship building. How did you get to see Superman into reality, you do not get to see any of these characters grow, or fall in love. They simply “Sueños” on the camera, not a phone booth, and turned to leave. Example:. The competition is three days away, within three days, Antonio is a band, the sound is turned on, is another group, convinces his reluctant neighbor (a single mother with two children) to join, learn a bit ‘of material original, then present at the hearing as’ you’re supposed to go, and then get up and play them as they have been together for seven years and only a quiet beer in the green room. never happen.
    Most of the music was really good, though. much, but it was once again that stereotypes of musical genres sung by Latinos, it seems to show the world that Mexicans can be connected to rap, garage rock, cock rock, math rock and funk. Overestimation of it through pictures looked more like a propaganda poster, and a bit ‘offended my boyfriend, a rockabilly band front man who also happens to be Mexican. He did not know he had something to prove.

  4. admin says:

    To be honest the cast …… what was not their fault! The script has been one of the worst dramas ever produced, as for comedy. He lacked a sort of charismatic charm. The band’s music were trainwrecks, with the exception of Spain (probably unintended)? version of Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf. Ana Claudia Talancón contributed to the excuse of a support team, all the attention was on Antonio (John Leguizamo), who failed to provide a strong arrogant young Antonio (even if the script once again poor). John Leguizamo is a bit ‘too old for this type of room. Overall, it would not even eat chocolate and watch this movie for inspiration.